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Why Training?

Whilst I'm very proud of my photos and love creating them, I also have another passion.  I love to teach people how to take better photographs themselves.

It's a rewarding thing. 

Being able to explain to someone how something that you once found difficult yourself actually works, and seeing the realisation dawn on them, is so satisfying.

As with People Portraiture, this is a new step for me, so I'm both excited and a little nervous about how well it may (or may not!) go.  

Am I Qualified?

I've been taking photographs since I was a young boy over 40 years ago. 

Working with film and a manual camera I learnt all about exposure, shutter speeds, depth of field and so on.  Because I was lucky enough to have a home darkroom, too, with two enlargers, I've also learnt a lot about producing the image after you've pressed the shutter button.

So, take anything I may tell you with a pinch of salt, but I think I've learned enough about many things to be able to pass it on with confidence.

Take a look at my photographs.  They're my calling card, ultimately, as to whether I know what I'm talking about or not.

1 to 1 Training

During 2019 my aim is to start offering photography training courses to individuals or small groups.

I expect this to be aimed at beginners or inexperienced amateurs who want to learn how to improve their photography skills.

That's also the target for the training you'll find on this website.

Check the menu links to see the different topic groups that I'll be covering. 

This is all work-in-progress so do keep checking back to see if anything new has appeared.

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