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Abby Jones

Abby Jones Equestrian

I've known Abby for several years now, and she has, along with  her horse Genie,  just recently become my sponsored eventing rider, complementing Emma Woolliscroft's role as my dressage specialist.

Abby is a very talented rider, with her own business Abby Jones Equestrian , providing schooling and competition services, amongst others.

Based in Cheshire, Abby comes highly recommended.

A New Partnership

Abby's previous eventing horse, King Champ, was very special to her, and the two of them were very successful indeed in the eventing world.   I was grateful to have been able to capture some wonderful photos of them both, in competition and as portraits.

Sadly, Champ has had to retire from competitive riding due to injury, so Abby is now bringing on a new horse, Genie.  

Genie is still inexperienced, but is showing huge potential, which is very exciting indeed.  My goal is to capture the development of Abby and Genie as a team, and to follow their progress over time.  The signs are that this will be a very fruitful partnership indeed, so watch this space!

Everything Sport

When Abby's not riding, she runs other sport-related events, working very closely with local schools and organising childrens' parties as via her "Everything Sport"  business enterprise.

Abby's also a  Qualified L2 netball coach, so you can start to see that she's not someone who sits around doing nothing!

If you're interested in knowing more about her sporting services, more details about "Everything Sport" can be found at  Abby Jones - Everything Sport

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