Equine Photoshoot Details

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What's Included?

A pre-shoot consultation. 

If you're looking for horse photography services, and if you've decided that I'm the equine photographer in Cheshire who can fulfil your needs, then the first step is a consultation.  This can be in-person, or over the phone, or even via Zoom or similar. We'll discuss finer details of what will happen on the day, and talk about  things like styling, makeup, and clothing.  Most importantly, we'll discuss exactly what you want from the shoot - the sort of images you'd like to be able to choose from.  If you're not sure, or if you have absolutely no idea, don't worry - I can help you with plenty of ideas and suggestions.

A pre-shoot welcome pack. 

I'll send you a detailed Welcome Pack once we've confirmed the booking. This has lots of tips and inspirational ideas about styling and preparation, for both you and your horse!  It answers the commonest questions that I get asked, just in case they didn't occur to you during the consultation.

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Creative Portrait Experience

A fun and enjoyable equine photography creative shoot, at a location that you choose.  This can either be at a yard, a local hacking route, a beach or any other location that appeals to you.  (Please be aware that some locations, such as National Trust properties, might have restrictions on professional photography, so using those venues would be subject to confirmation).  You can have up to 3 outfit changes during the shoot, so that you can be confident that you will get the maximum variety from the session.

For the Bronze and Silver packages, these will typically last for 2-3 hours.  It depends on the horse mostly - they're good at letting it be known when they've had enough!  I won't overwork a horse simply to get more shots.

For the Gold package, there is no set time limit.  I will stay as long as we all feel that there are more potential photographs to be taken, and as long as your horse is comfortable.  There will be plenty of extended rest breaks for the horse (and for you!), and it may be that you have more than one horse and want to take advantage of my time with each one.

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Private Ordering Session

An in-person, private viewing and ordering session is one where  I will visit you and show you a preliminary selection of stunning images of your shoot in the comfort of your own home. 

From these, you can make any additional purchases.   You're welcome to invite your friends and family along too. 

At this session there will be no hard-sell, and absolutely no obligation to buy any additional products.  I'm very confident, though, that you will love your images so much  that you will want to do so. I will then help you to design and create anything from framed prints to albums, keeping your budget in mind, so that you are totally happy with the results. 

Doing this at your home means you will easily be able to visualise how things will look on a particular wall or other location.  

Depending on distance, it may not always be practical for me to return for an in-person viewing, although I always try to do so.  If that is the case, I will prepare a private gallery on my website for you to study at your leisure.

Simple Pricing

Whichever price package you choose, the pricing is nice and simple.

No complex options;  it's all very straightforward so you know where you stand from the moment you make the booking (at which point a 50% non-refundable shoot fee will be taken).

Additional artwork prices start from £290, and on average my clients invest upwards of £800 on the portraits I produce. 

More product prices are shown on the Product Pricing menu on this website.


Travel costs to your location are free within a 50 mile radius of Northwich, Cheshire.  After that, travel may be charged at 40p per mile.


There's not much any of us can do about the weather.  Don't worry, though - if the weather is too bad, we'll simply postpone for a later date.  There's no additional charge.

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