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About Me

Welcome to Philip Yale Photography - specialising in fine-art equine photography and dog photography in Cheshire and the surrounding counties.

I will photograph in a number of different styles, but one of the most popular is horse photography with black background, and dog photography with black background.  This style of image looks stunning when done properly and printed in a large format - it really does impress everyone who sees it.

Why Use a Professional Photographer?

Very often, people just browse Google images looking for nothing in particular. When they do so, though, they usually have a general topic in mind; something that interests them, or that they find enjoyable to look at. For people who are interested in horses, beautiful images of horses are things that they love looking at.

If those same people have never previously thought of having a professional photographic portrait of their horse, then it makes perfect sense for me, as a Cheshire horse photographer, to try to capture their attention with some stunning images, and steer them towards my website. After all, I’m in the business of producing equine portraits, and I believe that my work is as good as anyone else’s, so I’m offering a genuine service to people who own horses.

Anyone can take photographs, can’t they?

Many people think that professional photography is probably a bit irrelevant these days, since they can so easily take quite decent photographs themselves with fairly inexpensive cameras.

This is true up to a point, but until you’ve seen the sheer quality of professional photographs it’s quite hard to appreciate just how much better they are than those taken by an inexperienced person. Seeing them on a screen also limits their “wow” factor.

The photographs below look great on screen, but even they are nothing compared to how magnificent they look when professionally printed and framed. As with taking photographs, there’s another gulf in quality between having them printed in a high street store, or even one of the popular online companies, versus being printed and framed by a specialist print laboratory that services professional photographers. These are the laboratories that I use, and the difference shows.

So Why Pay for a Professional?

So what sets a professional photographer apart and makes their services special?

Firstly, the sheer quality of their equipment should stand out. My cameras and lenses are top of the range, and cost many thousands of pounds. The detail and accuracy that that lets me capture in a photograph, compared with a cheaper camera and an average lens, is enormous. It might not be obvious when viewed on your mobile phone, but when it’s printed 40″ wide and hung on your wall the difference really shows.

Secondly, experience. I’ve been taking photographs for more years than I care to remember, ever since I was a young boy. That means that I understand how light affects the picture quality; I understand the different camera settings and how they can alter the picture; I understand how to compose a scene to best effect; I know how to pace a photoshoot to get the best from you and your horse.

Thirdly, Professionalism. People aren’t generally used to having their portrait taken, with or without their horse. It’s my job to work with my clients to ensure that they get everything they want from the experience. After all, it’s their day. They are the ones investing in my services, so I need to make them feel relaxed and confident in my ability to produce something that they will love … and without exception they do love the results. Above all, the photoshoot needs to be fun. If a client isn’t having fun, then it will be obvious from looking at the photographs, and ultimately that will be my responsibility.

Professionalism also involves being prepared. If things go wrong, I’ve got a spare camera of the same standard as my main camera. I’ve got insurance cover, for the highly unlikely time when something might go rather more wrong than anyone anticipated (it’s never happened yet!), and my schedule is flexible enough to allow for changes due to unforeseen circumstances – the British weather is the obvious one!

Having invested so much of myself into your photos, I believe that that will help to make them more special in your eyes, too, and that is so important to me. You, too, are making an investment in a work of art that is going to take pride of place in your home for many years to come. It needs to be able to stand the test of time, so I use only the best professional printers and framers to ensure that this happens.

Get In Touch

Do get in touch via the Contact form to discover more about what I can do for you, or call me on the number below.

I look forward very much to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Phil Yale

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