Pet Portrait Session Details - Philip Yale

Pet Portraits with Grooming Sessions

In partnership with NoseToTail Dog Grooming services, I'm very pleased to be able to offer a number of photographic packages:

Option One - Freshly-Groomed

Let NoseToTail groom your dog to perfection, and then have your immaculately turned-out pooch captured in his or her finery with a top-quality posed portrait.

This package includes an 8"x6" print in the price, and prices start at £45*

Option Two - The Great Outdoors plus Grooming

Photographing your dog outdoors will show your pet in the best possible environment - running free as nature intended.

I will meet with you and your dog at a location of your choice for up to 90 minutes of fun and varied activities, during which time I will take many photographs.  Once they're edited and ready for viewing, we will meet up again for you to make your selection from a final shortlist of appproximately 100-150.

All that running around is likely to result in messy, untidy dogs, so the session will finish with a grooming session courtesy of NoseToTail.

Prices for this package start at £85*, and include an 8"x6" print, and the NoseToTail grooming session.

Option Three - Portraits Only

If you'd like a portrait of your dog, but prefer to miss out on the great value NoseToTail grooming session, that's OK.  Prices for a portrait-only session start at £40*, and those for an outdoor session start at £75* .  As above, these include an 8"x6" print. 

And Not Forgetting .... Other Animals!

All of the above is very dog-oriented, because that's what NoseToTail grooming is about.  If you have any other breed of pet besides dogs, they're not excluded from a portrait session.  Whilst your cat, rabbit or whatever may not appreciate a grooming session, I'd still be delighted to produce a lovely portrait of them. 

Prices are the same as for Option Three above.

* Points to Note:

All prices quoted above are minimum prices.  Grooming prices will vary depending on the size of the dog, amongst other factors.  The print prices quoted are for unmounted, unframed prints; additional services such as mounting and framing will be extra.

Whilst the packages include an 8"x6"  print, you are perfectly free to choose more, or larger, prints should you wish for an additional charge.  Due to the bespoke nature of these products fixed prices cannot be given here, but I will discuss the many options with you to ensure that you receive an image that you are delighted with, and which fits your budget.

Travel Costs

For locations within a 30 mile radius of Northwich (CW8) there is no additional travel charge.  Locations further than this will be charged at 40p per mile for additional mileage.

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