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  • Equine Portrait Session Details


Please see the table below for the basic session price, plus some package options that offer you added value for money.

At the final viewing session, we will work together to come up with a combination of images that you feel are your top favourites, and which can be included in a range of products which fits your budget.

At the end of the day, this is your experience, and I want to do everything I can to ensure that you have a great time, and that you are left with photographs that you will treasure forever.

Travel Costs

For locations within a 50 mile radius of Northwich (CW8) there is no additional travel charge.  Locations further than this will be charged at 40p per mile for additional mileage.

My Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you are disappointed with the photographs taken, and there are none you wish to buy, I will refund the session fee and any travel costs.

I'm very confident in my ability to deliver, and this is my guarantee to you.


Session Duration

A typical session will last for 3 hours from start to finish, and caters for up to four horses.  This doesn't mean you and the horses will be posing for that long, but it allows time for preliminaries when I first arrive, checking the horse's presentation, changes of clothing for you, rest breaks and so on. 

Expect to be busy being photographed for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours; the remaining time is for all the other stuff.  Obviously, if you have four horses, then the balance may be a bit different to someone with just one or two horses..

I try not to exceed 3 hours, and won't go over 4 hours - that's too long for the horses (and probably you as well!).  If we do need to use the 4th hour, there's no additional charge for that - I just like to keep a bit of slack in the schedule because unexpected things can happen to cause delay (usually the weather!).

Planning The Shoot

Planning is everything, so I always ask that a number of things happen before the Big Day itself:

A Discussion

This can be done via a short telephone conversation (20-30 minutes), or by a personal visit by me if you're located within a reasonable distance. 

This will allow us to discuss things like:

- Location confirmation

- Do's and Don'ts regarding the horse's appearance

- Do's and Don'ts regarding your own appearance

- Specific requests you may have for scenes and poses

- A weather check

The Horse's Appearance

I just have a few basic requests here:

- Horses look better when freshly-washed and groomed.  These pictures are likely to hang on your wall for a long time so you will naturally want your horse looking its best!

- I prefer an informal style, which means unbraided manes.  If you really feel you want your horse rather more formally turned-out with braiding or plaiting, that's absolutely fine, but if not then I'd ask for the natural look, suitably brushed and combed.

- Bridles / Head collars / lead ropes should all be plain, neutral colours.  I will be quite insistent on this, because nothing spoils a photograph more than a bright red and blue lead rope, or a pink diamante bridle!  They are very distracting and really should be avoided.

Your Appearance

- People look better when freshly-washed and groomed!  If it's good enough for your horse, it's good enough for you ... Only kidding (slightly) but I'm sure you get my drift!

- Clothing depends very much on the style of shoot we've agreed on (which will come from the initial discussion).  As I've said, my preferred style is informal and under-stated, which generally means smart casual clothes in muted or pale shades.  Strong patterns and/or strong, vibrant colours can occasionally work, but they're not a safe bet.  Dress appropriately for the weather, too, and bring a selection of outfits - the more the better, and the more interchangeable they are the better, too.

- Bridles / Head collars / lead ropes ....  not usually required for people!

The Viewing

It usually takes between 1 and 2 weeks for me to edit your shoot down to a representative number of photographs.

Once they're ready, I'll contact you and we can arrange a viewing.  I usually prefer to have viewings at your own home, because it's so much easier to visualise how a picture might look when you're sat in the same room.  Viewing them elsewhere and trying to imagine how they might look somewhere else just isn't the same.  Still, I will happily conduct a viewing at my own premises if that suits you better.

There is no charge for a viewing session.

The viewing is very important - it's where we can discuss why one image might be more suitable than another,  where they might be placed within the room, what size they should be and what type of product you actually want.  This takes time, and shouldn't be rushed, so I always ask clients to choose a day when they won't need to cut the session short for another appointment.

The Delivery

Once you've chosen the photographs you like, I'll arrange to have them professionally printed in the style agreed at the viewing.  If framing was requested, this will be done too.

If practicable, I prefer to deliver the finished products personally - I do love handing over good news!  It creates more of a personal touch, too, unlike a courier handing it over with barely a word.  It brings your whole experience to a proper conclusion and gives me immense satisfaction.

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